Meet the Secretariat

Mayur Bajaj

Secretary General

Ishan Daga

Deputy Secretary General

Ishaani Basu

Chairperson of the International Organization of Migration

Ipshita Das Gupta

Chairperson of Saddam Hussein's Cabinet

Aryaman Jaiswal and Aadit Roy Chowdhury

Co-chairpersons of the African Union

Dhruv Banka and Shaurya Bansal

Co-chairpersons of the Bandung Conference

Anupa Paulchaudhuri and Tanya Grewal

Co-chairpersons of the Historic Security Council

Soumya Agarwal and Trisha Choudhary

Co-chairpersons of the Paris Peace Conference

Aroosh Moulik and Ishan Daga

Co-chairpersons of the UNCLOS

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